St. Patrick’s Events at Kelley’s Row

Kelley's RowBuilding on last year’s success, òran mór takes the stage just a bit after noon.  Kelley’s Row is the heart of County Dover and the Irish tradition on this special day. We loved the enthusiastic audience last year, and we look forward to another good party.

We’ll be playing a ‘get ready’ party there on Sunday, March 15th  — now there’s a way to get a real running start on the marathon week!

Susan Young, our good friend and super Irish singer and player, will join us at noon on the 17th – so you’ll get an added treat. Expect some very special vocals, and Sue’s melodic and driving drum.

Kelley’s Row
421 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820

6 comments to St. Patrick’s Events at Kelley’s Row

  • Brandon Seppa

    I can’t wait! See you there!

  • Tara Seppa

    Hey Guys! The site looks great! I’m excited to be able to keep up with your events now. Are you accepting nominations for President of your fan club? 😉

  • If only I could catch a quick flight from Paris to listen to you guys! I had so much fun the last time I was in Portsmouth!

  • Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for the long distance vote of support. In the course of learning my way into this site design I’ve been digging some of your tunes — how ’bout we trade places for a week? I’m overdue for a trip back to Paris.


  • Kathleen McMenemy

    We love Celtic music here in Michigan, as noted anytime Lord of the Dance comes to town. Just wondered if you are any relation to my dad James Marshal McMenemy who came to the US from UK in 1930’s. You never know. Enjoyed listening to your music.

  • I’ll check with Traci, the owner of McMenemy’s Pub, you never know –but I’ll have her post an answer.
    Thanks for your note.