A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

” Twas the night before St. Pats and all through the pub

Song list and back cover for our recording debut

the people were lined up for drinks and some grub.

Musicians were scrambling to play gigs here and there,

while the fear an ti* stood in the corner and stared.

But Pete and Dave were absent, as they put CDs in sleeves,

and packed their debut recording on St. Patrick’s Eve.”

That’s right kids … we have an early shipment of our upcoming CD in hand and we’ll have them available for the gig tomorrow at Ri Ra! We’re looking forward to making this a memorable day, and we rushed a shipment of a few just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. We’re waiting for a few things to line up before the official release (awaiting quotes on a larger duplication run, finalizing the legal mumbo-jumbo, artwork revisions,etc.), but we thought it’d be worth it to get a few to share with our friends on St. Pat’s 2011.

Actually, we’re supposed to get the CD sleeves delivered tomorrow…so we’ll be busy little beavers in the morning before we take the stage at noon. I’m planning to start the day with a traditional Irish breakfast at Rory O’Connors in Georgetown before picking up the shipping package…and then we’ll be stuffing like maniacs.

The tracks on the CD are a bunch of our favorites and ones we get requested frequently by our friends. You can clearly read the titles in the photo, but one you might not be familiar with is The King’s Highway. That was written by a friend of mine, Kevin Dolan of the fab band Acoustic Nuisance. I got his permission to do a new take on an old song of his. I’m very happy he let me play around with is creation.

If you couldn’t already guess, we recorded it at Mill Pond Music in Portsmouth with our friend Jim Prendergast, who many of you have seen play with us on occassion on Monday nights. He did a fantastic job engineering this thing and keeping Dave and I focused. We’ve posted a few samples on the website’s media player, so you can get a feel for the quality. We’re pretty proud of these recordings and think you’ll enjoy the tracks.

More on this when in a few weeks when the ‘official’ release happens…but in the meantime, HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

* fear an ti = Gaelic for “man of the house” or host

6 comments to A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

  • Brandon Seppa

    Pete and Dave,

    I want to buy some CDs ASAP! I’ve listened to the samples 10x each already and I want to hear more! Can we coordinate a payment using Paypal? I’ll happily pay for shipment to Prague.

    Thanks a lot and GREAT work!


  • Hi Brandon and Tara,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. We’ll ‘take care o’ you — will trade email with details.

  • Brandon Seppa

    Any trips to Ireland planned for this year lads? Would like to meet you there for a pint and a song 😉

  • Chris and I are long overdue…we’ll be sure to let you know if any of our current glimmers starts to turn into a real plan.

  • Brandon,

    You’ve got me thinking…I was pricing trips yesterday, looking at November so I can get back to the Ennis Trad Festival. I’m keeping an eye on flights and any announcements about the festival. I’ll keep you in the loop.

  • Brandon Seppa

    Wow, okay great! I’m heading to Ireland in July for a family reunion but I would definitely be in for another trip later in the year. Thanks for the follow up!