Opening for Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones

Since Dave and I started playing together, we’ve had the chance to do a few really fun and interesting gigs. We’ve done some double-bills that have been wonderful, and each opportunity has been really memorable.

And our next one is gonna be right up among the best.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been asked to open for a true legend of Irish music when Derek Warfield rolls into town next month with The Young Wolfe Tones. Derek, who was a founding member and long-time front man of The Wolfe Tones — a group whose music I heard a lot when growing up — has inspired many performers over the years and written countless songs that have become modern standards.

Our friend Tom Lanigan (L) with the legendary Derek Warfield (R). A couple of handsome Irish lads, eh.

We’re thrilled to get a chance to open for him and the group of stellar young Irish musicians that play with him. (Trust me, they all are superb performers in their own right.)

The show will be at Ri Ra in Portsmouth on Tuesday, March 6 at 6 p.m.

Our friends from The Tom Lanigan Band have opened for Derek and The Young Wolfe Tones a few times — and will be doing so again this year down in Rhode Island — and they’ve always spoken highly of the experience. The two bands have developed a nice rapport, and Young Wolfe Tones’ stellar banjo player, Damaris Woods, even played on Tom’s new CD Voice from the Tomb. Here’s hoping the circle of friendship continues.

Of course, we hope that you’ll all come out and see us open for this show. In the meantime, here’s a video of one of the classic songs Derek is known for: “Celtic Symphony!”
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