Pete Plays with Sligo Road at St. Brigid’s in Lexington

For the last several years, we’ve had a great relationship with our friend Terry Weir, who plays music down around the Boston area. On occasion he’ll sit in with us, and he sometimes has one or both of us play with his band, Sligo Road. We joke that it’s the exchange program between County Portsmouth and County Wakefield (where he’s based in Massachusetts).

Is it Sligo Mor, or Oran Road?

Next weekend, on Saturday, March 10,  I’ll be joining Terry and Sligo Road at a show at St. Brigid’s Church in Lexington, MA (located at 2001 Massachusetts Ave) for a bit of pre-St. Patrick’s Day fun…so if any of my MetroWest friends want to see me perform, now’s your chance…but you might want to call and see if there are any tickets left. The seating is limited and they are expecting a full house…

…but if I didn’t alert my family and friends that I’d be playing so close to home, I’d never hear the end of it. :-)

The show will start between 6:30 and 7 p.m. – on the dot.

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