Pete Plays with Sligo Road at St. Brigid’s in Lexington

For the last several years, we’ve had a great relationship with our friend Terry Weir, who plays music down around the Boston area. On occasion he’ll sit in with us, and he sometimes has one or both of us play with his band, Sligo Road. We joke that it’s the exchange program between County Portsmouth and County Wakefield (where he’s based in Massachusetts).

Is it Sligo Mor, or Oran Road?

Next weekend, on Saturday, March 10,  I’ll be joining Terry and Sligo Road at a show at St. Brigid’s Church in Lexington, MA (located at 2001 Massachusetts Ave) for a bit of pre-St. Patrick’s Day fun…so if any of my MetroWest friends want to see me perform, now’s your chance…but you might want to call and see if there are any tickets left. The seating is limited and they are expecting a full house…

…but if I didn’t alert my family and friends that I’d be playing so close to home, I’d never hear the end of it. :-)

The show will start between 6:30 and 7 p.m. – on the dot.

RiRa Dates

July has come and gone, and summer is flying by…but we’re looking forward to the Monday’s in August.

The Mad Fisherman's gonna be a daddy!

We were fortunate to kick off this month on Monday with our friend Mike Jeanneau joining us. His wife is expecting their first child (come on, Jacque!), so Mikey figured he’d better sit in while he had the time…’cuz lord knows he ain’t gonna have time soon. 😉 It was a great night and we were able to play a few of the maritime songs we’ll be performing together (as Mudhook) at the 11th Annual Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival, on September 25 & 26. More on that to come.

Of course, we’ll have other guests dropping by during the month. Personally, I won’t be able to make the 16th, since I have a conflict with the day job…so Dave will likely be joined by our friend Terry Weir.

Regardless, we’re at RiRa every Monday, so feel free to stop in for a half-priced burger, great brews and a song or two.

The pub we love so well

This just in…

So you’ve heard us mention our friend Terry Weir several times…both for his session at Harringtons in Wakefield MA and because the three of us used to play regularly in Newburyport as the trio ‘Sligo Road’ …

And we’ve mentioned the session at The Press Room in Portsmouth NH…the session that’s a 25 year institution, and where Dave and I first met.

Well, tonight (5/14/2010), the two will get together for the first time. Terry is coming north from County Wakefield and is headed to The Press Room session to join in the craic…and then he’s is going to join us for the gig we have at Kate O’Shea’s in Seabrook. (We go on at 7:30 pm.)


I’m really looking forward to seeing his reaction to The Press Room. It can be wild and wooly sometimes, but the singing is always great and everyone there is like family. It will kind of be like introducing a long-lost cousin to the clan. :-)

And, of course, Dave and I are really excited that Terry will be playing with us at Kates…he’s a terrific mandolin player and he’s got some great songs as well.

Hope you can join us for this special treat!

While the Cat’s Away… Lookout Harrington’s

You probably  know that Terry Weir leads the Wednesday session at Harrington’s in Wakefield MA, and that we join him to become the trio “Sligo Road’ on many occasions, too.  

Terry is on vacation in warmer climes this week – and he has entrusted the Harrington’s Session to Pete and I.   One of  us told him ‘You can trust us” — while the other whispered “You’ll be sooooorrry”  (no need to tell you which was which).
Anyway – we have the reins there this Wednesday, the 21st.  If you happen to be around, or up for a little drive, we’d love to see you there.  We’ll be having a good time there from 8:30 to 11:30 – then trying to cover our tracks the best we can.

Recent requests

Well, we survived the high holiday intact, even if it’s taken us a little time to recover. I know the lack of recent posts has concerned a few people…but really, we’re okay.

Actually, this year was a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day season, with lots of friends, music, dancing and all around great craic. The afternoon gig at Ri Ra was fantastic, and we enjoyed the evening at Feile Restaurant and Pub in Wells ME. The requests for songs were non-stop…and I thought I’d share two interesting requests.

First, if you’ve ever seen us perform, you’ve probably heard me make the joke that we welcome requests — “especially if they’re written on the back of a $5 bill.” For the first time, someone actually took me up on it. 


It was while we were playing The Port Tavern in Newburyport with Terry Weir (as Sligo Road). As you can see, it was a plum request … Ewan MacColl’s Dirty Old Town … which we did our best on since it’s not part of the regular repetiore. We even gave the guy a money-back guarantee in case our attempt was less than he expected. But he was happy enough and insisted we keep it.

The other request came while Dave and I were at Feile late on St. Patrick’s Day. A very nice, older woman was sitting with her friends and family at a table right in front of the stage … it was tight quarters, too. I could have swiped a chicken finger, no problem.

"Why, yes! I DO know that song!"

Anyway, we set up our gear and finally started playing and, part way through dessert (say 8pm), she handed up a note that read:

When I was in Ireland a singer at a pub [sang] about a man trying to get blocks on a rope but kept falling up + down.

After deciphering the handwriting, a huge grin came over my face. This lovely woman had requested one of my all-time favorites to sing. Pete Cooksey’s The Sick Note (also known as Dear Boss). I read the note aloud to the congregation, err, the crowd, and launched into it. I don’t want to brag, but the audience was pleased and impressed…either because I knew the song, or because they’d been drinking pints since 3 pm that afternoon.

The funny thing is: This song has twice made me look like a rock star. Dave actually has a recording from when we had the session at Molly Malone’s, and a woman requested it for her husband. On the recording, you can distinctly hear her squeal “Oh, yes! That’s it!

But I’ll let you in on a secret – I love this song. I used to play Robbie O’Connell’s recording of it all the time, and the only reason I don’t sing it more often is that the joke loses its luster for those people who come to see us all the time. You have to pace yourself with that one.

Speaking of requests, if you have any and you haven’t seen us for  a bit, you might want to swing by KATE O’SHEA’s in Seabrook NH this weekend. We’ll be playing there on SATURDAY night, APRIL 10.

We’d love to see you and get you joining in the songs.

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